I realized how hard it is to fit everyone into my acknowledgements so i decided to do so here!!! 

If you're not listed here and I said I was going to add you... please remind me. I got poo-brains sometimes!

Special thanks to my mother and father for raising me to to be the person that I am
My daughter Ariyanna Scott for giving me a reason to do something better with myself
My sister Nesha because no matter how ridiculous you are... you inspire me in some twisted way.
My Aunt Shirley because you made me believe in myself when I felt like I didnt want to go on. 
My cousin Tiarra for being there through the thought process and telling me to go on.
The SCOTT-RAY family for making me feel loved even when I was being mean and evil.
Travis Sells for sticking with me through all my mood swings and insanity. I love you, weirdo.
My MHAFH girls Nadege (Naddy Mac) and Sabrina (Sabizzle!) for always being there!
My girls Dezi Bear, Katrina and Allie for helping me realize that being weird is okay.
My beta reader Beth Bush for being there to read everything and help me make it better!
My publisher SJ Davis for continuously pushing me and making me feel like im not absolutely banaynays

There was a time when I felt like writing might not be for me and I was questioning my abilities. These people helped me see through the darkness and I'm forever grateful for it.

Nathan Squiers, Megan Parker, Khelsey Jackson, Amanda Browning, Candy Crum, Ressa Empbra, S.K. Whiteside, Kristina Gehring, Danael Mcguire.... and some more i cant think of right now. lol

SO many people, whether they know it or now, have helped me on my journey to being who I am today and i am eternally grateful. Thank you all so much and I have no doubt that I will continue adding names to this list. I love you all and I hope i never have to slash out any names due to a sudden burst of anger. lol.


  1. D'aww!! Thanks so much, sis! So psyched to be a part of you and your work ^_^

  2. Dude, if you didn't know weird was awesome? Where have you been?

  3. Thanks for including me, love. I'm honored to know you and be a part of your work! You've been there for me so much. I look forward to seeing your career take off from here, future bestselling author Tianna Scott! <3