Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Release Dates & new WIPS!!

Hey guys!!! Have some awesome news!!

The first book in The Eros Sisters Series, Symphoni, will be out March 15th, 2013!!! YAY!! Mark your calendars guys because this is one release you dont want to miss! I will keep you posted on blogtours and such so make sure you check back for more news.

Also... MORE NEWS!!! I am currently working on a prequel to Symphoni called Legend (title subject to change! Dont judge me! lol) and Im hoping to have it out and in your hands in Nov/Dec!!! Again! Make sure you check back for more news and the release date for it because you REALLY dont want to miss it. Im only just starting it and I love the story already!!

Heres an unedited preview to Legend!! Hope you like it!!

 From The Journal Of Legend Deimos
January 23rd

My head is buzzing and I can feel myself becoming twitchy as I sit here writing, the sound of the pen scribbling across the pad is sending flashes of pain into my head but I need to get this out of my mind and on to paper as I frequently find my brain too full of thoughts to think clearly. I hope that makes sense. Not that it matters as I will be the only one reading this.

Im not sure what to do with myself at this point. Immortality can only be bearable for so long when your only real companion is your twin sister and you're always on call for whatever evil deed the Titans have planned for you. It gets old. Hundreds of years of life and you still aren’t your own person. Unable to be completely free without always wondering who's peering over your shoulders. Sometimes I lay in bed and just think of all the things I could be doing and the different choices I would make if I were in charge of my own destiny. But that's not the way things are when you are created for a specific purpose and have real choices in life. This is the way things are for me. This is the way things always will be and I need to learn to accept it. For my safety and for that of my sister's I just need to keep my mouth shut and do as I am told.

But I'm Legend Deimos. And everyone knows that keeping my mouth shut is damn near impossible.


Reading: Caught In The Dragon's Cove by Ressa Empbra
Writing: Legend
Listening to: Slept So Long by Jay Gordon
Snacking on: grapes and pepsi!!

Stay lovely guys!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Horror Stories, Awesome Music and Things In My Twisted Mind!

Here we go! An update of things going on!

I just finished my horror story submission for the horror anthology!! Its called A Taste Of Fear and Its about a Boston Heiress being stalked in her mansion by a serial killer. Oh! Did I mention that she can slip into people's memories and occasionally witnesses him torturing women? Well I have now! LOL! I submitted it last night so hopefully she likes it! On the plus side, If she decides its the more terrible thing shes ever read then ill post it here for all my fans to hate as well! *grins*

I recently discovered my favorite new song to write to. "Under My Skin" by Revamped is full of emotions that I associate with the characters in my WIP, The Lost Angels. Never Heard it? You can check it out at this link here...

Under My Skin by Revamped

Awesome right?! *nods* I agree!

Now. Ive come to realize how strange and twisted us fiction authors are. I recently wrote a torture scene involving chains, blood and needle while eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch. lol. But i love it. Bringing out my inner-villain was awesome and I fully intend to write a novella in the POV of a villain or a serial killer and I have just the chick in mind! Want to know who? Okies! This is a sneak peek at my current WIP, The Lost Angels!


(I do not own this image. This is just a picture of how i imagined Ena to look. I changed the eyes as Ena has unnaturally green eyes that stand out against her pale skin.)

This is Ena Ó Dochartaigh. 17 year old serial killer and all around psychopath! Below is a snippet from her in The Lost Angels! Hope you enjoy!

“WHERE IS THAT LITTLE BITCH?!” Aria roared as she came stomping into the room, her eyes blazing red as they came to rest on Ena. “YOU KILLED ME YOU CRAZY BITCH!” She charged at her but Ena merely watched her with an amused expression.

“Easy, Aria.” Grayson yanked her back by her waist, clutching her close to his chest as she scrambled to get at Ena.

“Dont Easy Aria me!! What the hell was even the point of her killing me?!” Grayson opened his mouth but Ena cut him off.

“I had to make sure you were who you claimed to be.” Aria growled in a very Travis like way.

“I never CLAIMED to be anyone to you and if I had... what if I were wrong?!” Ena raised an eyebrow at her and, with a slight crackling sound, the frozen boy seemed so smile.

“Then you had no business being here and needed to be disposed of.” Aria stopped struggling with Grayson to meet Ena's eyes in a glare as cool and harsh as the tone she had just used.

“First chance I get, Bitch, you will be getting a foot in your ass.” Ena leaned closer.

“You'll never get the chance, child.” They stared into each other eyes for a moment, the silence becoming uncomfortable.

Things got heated there huh? lol. I love writing Ena and hope you guys enjoy reading about her!

Now onto the updates!

Reading: Athena's Promise by Annetta Ribken
Writing: The Lost Angels
Listening to: Under My Skin by Revamped (see link above!)
Snacking on: Doritoes and pepsi!

See ya guys!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Self Discoveries and other random info!

So this is my first OFFICIAL post aside from the welcome post i did earlier today and while i dont have any new awesome news, i felt the need to write something. 

I'm currently working on a short story for an anthology. Its another horror story and as I'm working out the rest of the outline for it, I've discovered that I have a pretty sick and twisted mind! Something else I've learned is that i actually LOVE writing horror, it seems to be something i may be good at eventually. Ive had people tell me The Soul Collector (my story for The Withering Darkness anthology) is the creepiest thing they've ever read and i absolutely can not wait until they read this new story. I think I might top myself on the creep factor this time folks!! I wish i could share more details on it but i cant. So for now... Ill get back to writing so you guys wont have to wait much longer!! Well after this quick update about myself...

Reading: Struck by Jennifer Bosworth
Writing: Awesome horror story
Listening to: Change (In the house of Flies) by The Deftones
Snacking on: string cheese and grapes

Have a great night guys!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Blog for Author Tianna Scott

Yay!! I finally got around to making a blog for myself!! WOOT!!! So i just wanted to post something now. lol. and so I have. Hope you enjoy it here and visit often!!