Friday, March 29, 2013

Updates, Legend, and an upcoming release!!!

I only just realized that I never posted the cover for Legend! Well here it is!!! Hope you love it as much as I do!!

 Tagline: With Obsession comes the Ultimate Betrayal. Will Legend be willing to sacrifice everything for the one he loves?

Isnt it great?! *swoons* I cant wait until the blurb is done so I can post that as well!!

Now for the updates portion! My current WIP, Dragon's Revenge, has just broken 20k words and is moving along awesomely!!! Whats that? A quick snippet you want? SURE! lol.

“Now I have you in my clutches!” Aiden shouted as he jumped from the dark shadows holding a deadly looking wooden sword. Kaida gasped, pressing the back of her hand to her head and leaning dramatically against one of the shop walls.

“Oh Aiden. Please don’t kill me! I am but an innocent princess!” The little boy chuckled, still pointing his sword at her and stepping closer.

“You are now my princess, Princess! And we shall be married!” Kai slid to the ground with all the grace she could muster given her position, her pants and sword sheath bumping against the stonewall as she went down.

“Oh nooooooo!” He pounced and she caught him, holding him tightly as she tickled his ribs.

“Now I have YOU, Aiden!” The little boy gasped between laughs, trying to protest his new predicament. “Are we still going to get married? Huh huh huh?” She tickled harder.

“That’s not fair!” He managed to gasp before rolling away. “I’m supposed to capture you!” Kai laughed and stood to her feet, dusting herself off.

“And why is that?” She pulled him up and started to clean him off, straightening his clothes and clearing his face of dust.

“Because I’m a man.” She smirked at him.


“The man is supposed to be the strong one.” Shaking her head, she brushed down his hair and pulled him into her arms.

“Do I seem like the type of girl that needs rescuing, Little Aiden?” She felt him shrug. “Listen to me, ok?” She dropped to her knee and looked him in the eyes. Kaida loved kids, they were all beautiful and she cherished their open minds and hearts. All children were brilliant to her but the things that their parents taught them made her want to vomit. Particularly Aiden. With his bright blue eyes and curly blonde hair. She wanted him to grow up brave and strong but find a woman who compliments him instead of cowers before him.

“A woman needs to be strong. Not always physically but she needs to be strong or else a man will have no one to back him.” Aiden looked at her a moment and nodded. “She needs to be his partner and friend in order for them to feel like equals and be happy.”

“Like you and Micah?” She tilted her head.

“Well. Me and Micah are friends as well as partners but he’s not my husband.” The little boy opened his mouth again but she shushed him. “Trust me Aiden. When you grow up, you’ll want a strong wife and a person who listens to your thoughts and ideas. Not…” She rustled his hair and stood. “A Princess.” He smiled at her.

“Maybe I want to marry you?” She laughed and picked him up, giving him a big kiss on the cheek.

“Then I would be happy to have you.” He squirmed from her arms, dropping to his feet as he wiped off the kiss.

*big smile* Yup! Im so excited to get this one in to the hands of my readers! I think youll love it! Has strong women, a gorgeous love interest, Mystery, vengeance, and tons of action!!!!


I wrote a short story titled A Taste Of Fear. It follows Arianne Beauchamp, a socialite in 1930's Boston who's being stalked by a serial killer! It has tons of twists and turns along with a surprise ending you wont see coming!!! Ill post the cover as soon as its done as well as a teaser!!!

With that said... I hope you enjoyed the snippet from Dragon's Revenge and make sure you check out my Amazon Bestselling YA Novel, Symphoni before Legend comes out!!! Its on sale right now for only $2.99 so make sure you snatch it up at this great price while you can!!

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